Define Ray Optics

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Q. A spherical mirror produces an image of magnification -1 on a screen placed at a distance of 50 cm from the mirror. (a) Write the type of mirror. (b) Find the distance of the image from the object. (c) What is the focal length of the mirror?

Ans: If magnification, m = –1 v = 50 cm If the magnification has minus sign, then the image is real and inverted. Hence v = –50 (for real image) As m = -v/u u = -50cm (a) Since image ... read more

Q. which type of lens is used in microscope?

Ans: convex  lens is used in microscope convex lens is also known as converging lens as it converges a straight beam of light coming from the source. Convex lenses are also used in magnifying glass an... read more