What is Molar Mass in Chemistry ?

Updated on Jan. 8, 2021 03:19 PM IST by Lakshmi Arya

Molar Mass:-

The mass (in gram) of one Mole of any material is called it's molar mass. It is equal to the 6.022×1023 atoms of that element or substance.
For Example:-

  1. Atomic mass of hydrogen (H) is 1u. It's molar mass is 1g/mol.
  2. Atomic mass of nitrogen is 14u. So, molar mass of nitrogen (N)is 14g/mol.

Avogadro Number:-
The number of particles (atoms, molecules or ions) present in one Mole of any substance is fixed,with a value of 6.022×1023. This number is called  Avogadro Number or Avogadro constant.
This is represented by N0.
1 mole ( of anything) = 6.022×1023 in number. 


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