Explain Metals & Non Metals

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Properties of Metals:-

  1. Metallic lustre:- Metals have a shining surface in their pure state.
  2. Malleability:- Metals can be hammered or beaten into thin sheets. Gold and silver are the most malleable metals.
  3. Ductility:- Metals can be drawn into thin wires.Gold is the most ductile metal.one gram of gold can be drawn into 2km length of wire.
  4. Metals can conduct heat and electricity. Silver and copper are the best conductors of heat.
  5. Sonorous:- Metals make a sound on striking a hard surface.
  6. Metals are generally hard (solid) but not brittle.Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.Gallium and cesium 
  7. become liquid at a temperature slightly above room temperature (303K).
  8. Metals generally have silvery-grey or golden- yellow colour.
  9. Metals in vapour state are monoatomic.
  10. Metallic oxides are basic in nature.
  11. Gold, silver, copper,iron, sodium, potassium etc.are some  examples of metals.  

Properties of Non metals:--

  1. Non metals are not lustrous, sonorous, malleable and ductile.
  2. Metals are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
  3. Metals display a variety of colours.
  4. Non metals are  polyatomic in vapour state. Example- O2  ,O3, N2.
  5. Non metallic oxides are acidic in nature.
  6. Hydrogen, iodine, carbon, bromine, chlorine etc.are some examples of non metals.
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