Explain Transportation in Human Beings in Biology OR What is Transportation in Human Beings ?

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Human beings like other multicellular organisms need a regular supply of food , oxygen etc. This function is performed by a circulatory system. This system is responsible for transport of various substances in the human body.

Human Circulatory System :-- 

  1. Human Heart
  2. Blood Vessels
  3. Blood & Lymph

Human Heart: --

  1. It is a muscular organ, which is composed of cardiac muscles.
  2. The human heart is composed of four chambers, -- right atrium, right ventricle, left ventricle and left atrium.
  3. As both the oxygen and the carbon dioxide get transported by the blood. so, to avoid the oxygen-rich blood from mixing with the blood containing carbon dioxide, the heart has different chambers.

Blood Vessels:--

  1. Blood vessels bring blood to the lungs, where oxygen enters the bloodstream, and then to the body.

Blood & Lymph:--

  1. It is a tissue fluid which escapes from the blood capillaries into the intercellular spaces.
  2. It is similar to blood plasma but colourless & contains less protein.
  3. Lymph flows from the tissues to the heart assisting in transportation and destroying germs. Thus, it plays an important role in the immunity system.
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